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Objective of the College

Calvary College of Theology was founded with one prime objective in view, to prepare men and women for the high calling of Christ in Christian service. Its primary purpose is to train ministers for the ministry, and to prepare people who desire a Christian education for various kinds of Christian work and for successful living. This purpose is summarized in the CCT mission statement. As a guide to assist in achieving its purpose, CCT has established the following objectives:

1. To preserve the doctrines of the church, along with Bible standards of holy living, and to train God-called people to communicate these fundamental truths to others.

2. To encourage scholarship, learning and research with objective neutrality based on Christian ethics.

3. To provide enabling environment resources and facility for learning and research.

4. To keep the Bible at the center of our curriculum. It will be the central textbook of the school. Other related subjects designed to develop skills necessary for

successful Christian service will be taught clearly and effectively.

5. To offer course that will particularly fill the needs of the community through involvement in religious economic and cultural activities.

6. To attain the highest standard in its endeavours.

7. To keep our vision world-wide and to fulfill the great command of Jesus to “Occupy till I come”.